Caring for your watch

Welcome to our luxury watch servicing section which gives you more information on our 12 stage watch servicing process. Our professional team of watchmakers have the expertise (90 combined years in the industry) and the equipment to service your watch to a very high standard. 

Rest assured your timepiece is in safe hands with Charles Martin.

A luxury watch usually contains over 160 parts and at Charles Martin we believe that safeguarding the accuracy is essential to the overall performance of your watch.

Watch manufacturers recommend that you service your timepiece every 5 years to ensure functionality and precision timekeeping.

What is the difference between a partial and a complete watch service with Charles Martin?

A partial service – The watch, case, bracelet and bezel are separated and cleaned both ultrasonically and with a state of the art steam cleaner. The movement is then regulated and put in beat if a mechanical watch, if a quartz watch the battery is replaced. All seals are then replaced and the water pressure is tested. Water resistance is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.

A complete service – This includes all of the above, but the movement is completely stripped. Worn or damaged components are replaced. The watch movement is then cleaned in a specialist machine. The watch movement is then put back together, re-lubricated and put into beat.

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Stage 1 - Full diagnostic and service estimation

The process starts with a full diagnostic of the watch. We check not only the aesthetics of the watch but the functions and the condition of the movement itself.

An estimate is then sent to the customer for approval.

Stage 2 - Dismantling the case, bracelet and bezel

Once approved our watchmakers will separate the case, bracelet and bezel from the watch movement, so that the different components can go to the correct department.

Stage 3 - Cleaning and polishing

The case, bracelet and bezel are then sent to our polishing room where they are either cleaned or refinished back to its original condition. Depending on the condition of the watch this can take just as long as servicing the movement and usually includes at least 8 stages per watch.

Stage 4 - Dismantling the movement

The watch movement will now be completely stripped down by the watchmaker.

Stage 5 - Assessment of components

Our watchmakers will meticulously inspect all 1- 200 individual components of the watch for any wear or damage. These components will be replaced if necessary.

Stage 6 - Cleaning the movement

The watch movement is then placed in our ultrasonic watch cleaning machine for up to an hour, where it will go through various washing and rinse cycles removing the microscopic particles of dirt dust and of course old lubricate.

Stage 7 - Reassembly of the case, bracelet and bezel

Once refinished the watchmaker will reassemble the watch case exchanging as many as 10 different seals.

Stage 8 – Water resistance testing

Three separate water resistance tests will be carried out to make sure that the watch is water resistant. These include a vacuum test, a water submersion test and lastly a condensation test which will detect the slightest amount of water vapour trapped inside the watch case.

Stage 9 - Reassembly of the movement

Once clean, the watchmaker will then reassemble and re-oil the watch movement. There are often as many as 50 oiling points, which must be oiled exactly to ensure the watch works to the manufacturer’s specification.

Stage 10 - Time calibration

The watch will then be brought to time ensuring it is in beat and any positional errors are averaged out.

A modern mechanical beats 672,000 times a day, or 28,800 times an hour or nearly 8 times a second. For the watch to be accurate to within 4 seconds a day, the watch cannot deviate from these 672,000 beats by more than 31 in a 24-hour period.

Stage 11 - Reassembly of the complete watch

The watch movement is then put back into the watch case.

Stage 12 - Quality control

Over the next 72 hours the watch is then rigorously quality controlled to ensure the watch is accurate, the functions work aesthetically correct and will be reliable for years to come.

You can expect a 2 year warranty on a complete service from Charles Martin.

If you would like to discuss our complete watch service in more detail, please call us on 01889 560002 or email

Repairing your luxury watch

Sometimes our watches need a bit of TLC and our specialists are on hand to discuss with you any issues that you’re currently experiencing with your watch that require repairing. We like to work with our clients in understanding their specific needs first before providing quotation for the repair work.

However big or small the watch repair we’re here to help. Some typical watch repairs that we can help with include:-

  • Battery change
  • Case and bracelet polish
  • New clasp
  • New dial
  • New hands
  • New glass or crystal
  • New straps
  • Strap adjustment

With our repair service you can expect a 1 year warranty specifically on the repair work that we’ve carried out. All repairs include a partial service.